GROW 2023 

Saturday 5th August |  9am – 3:30pm (doors open 8am)

Jesus’ departing words

In a matter of hours Jesus will die. His disciples are bewildered and afraid. Do they face the future alone?

Absolutely not.

Through these darkest of hours, Jesus will draw them – and us — closer to him than ever.

Where do you look as you face the future — to yourself or to Jesus? Come together at GROW 2023 to discover the transforming warmth and assurance of abiding in Jesus. Talks on John 14-15 and Psalm 16.



GROW is for all women: from the not-yet believer to the new believer to the long-time believer; from teens to centenarians; from all backgrounds and from all churches around Queensland. We will spend the day singing, talking, praying, sharing, eating, and of course, hearing God’s Word together.

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We will have a new Spotify Playlist for 2023 shortly! In the meantime, take a listen to our line-up from GROW 2022:


Why do we value
meeting face-to-face?

Well, for three important reasons:


1. It is a rich blessing to share Jesus face-to-face as we long for the day when we will see Him face-to-face. Seeing each other is so much better than relating via a screen.


2. Many of you have told us you really want to meet face-to-face! We think it's possible to meet responsibly and work together to ensure the safety of everyone.


3. GROW has always partnered closely with local churches as we’ve shared a vision for seeing women grow up into Christ. Bringing women together is part of this.

We thank you for your ongoing support and ask for your continued prayers as we prepare for GROW 2023.