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COVID Update

GROW 2021 UPDATE – Monday 2nd August

With heavy hearts we confirm that, due to continuing lockdown, GROW 2021 will not go ahead this Saturday, 7th August.

The first thing we want to say is that we very much grieve this lost opportunity to gather in Christ. The beauty of GROW is the taste of heaven it provides as we praise and pray to our Heavenly Father with one voice, sit under His Word together and encourage one another face to face. The 861 registrations for GROW 2021 testify to that beauty. How good it is that in Christ we are 100% assured of one day gathering in God’s new creation, washed clean and joyfully singing ‘Praise and glory and wisdom and thanks and honour and power and strength be to our God for ever and ever. Amen!’ (Rev 7:9-12).

The second thing we want to say is a wholehearted ‘thank you’ to those who registered for GROW 2021 and invited friends to come. What a great work of gospel encouragement! We are enormously thankful to this year’s volunteers for their generous and Christlike help. We also thank The Wandering Bookseller and Barnabus Coach & Charter for their support and encourage you to support them.

We especially thank those of you who have indicated willingness to donate the cost of your ticket in the event of cancellation. Cancelling GROW at this late stage involves considerable financial cost. However, we are able to cover this due to your partnership.

We are keen to start organising refunds as soon as possible. We will provide details about these in the next couple of days. Please be patient with us as our volunteer committee processes these refunds – it may take some time.

Looking forward, we believe the best way we can honour our partnership with churches is to postpone this year’s GROW programme until 2022. Let’s pray the Lord will enable us to gather at GROW 2022! Keep an eye on our website, FB page and your inbox for more details.

May our Heavenly Father show his astonishing compassion and mercy to each one of us, to his church and to all our lost neighbours.

In Christ

The GROW Committee

Get ready for GROW 2021! 

Saturday 7th August  9am-3:30pm

Talks from the book of Jonah.

GROW is for all women, from the not-yet believer to the new believer to the long-time believer, from teens to centenarians, from all backgrounds and from all churches around Queensland. We will spend the day singing, talking, praying, sharing, eating and, of course, hearing God’s Word together.

 Invite others to come with you! Organise to travel together and consider breakfast before or dinner together on the way home.

Listen to the GROW 2021 Spotify Playlist

Listen to the GROW 2021 Jonah Audio Recording

Why are we planning a face to face conference while COVID-19 remains a threat?

Well, for three important reasons:


1. It is a rich blessing to share Jesus face to face as we long for the day when we will see him face to face. Seeing each other is so much better than relating via a screen.


2. Many of you have told us you really want to meet face to face. GROW has always partnered closely with local churches as we’ve shared a vision for seeing women grow up into Christ. We want to honour that partnership as much as ever in this challenging season.


3. We think it's possible to meet responsibly: We are working closely with a new but old venue, St Peters Lutheran College Indooroopilly, to ensure COVID safety.

We are seeking advice in order to keep ticket prices down while also managing our financial risks. This is a difficult time to be planning and organising an event in advance. If there is a COVID outbreak, we will need to cancel the event and face significant losses. So we’ll need to keep reviewing our plans in light of COVID developments. We may, for example, ask whether you would consider foregoing a ticket refund in the event of cancellation. We would ask you this only if you are able and would like to do so as an expression of our partnership in this challenging season.

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